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Plant foods

Plant foods

"You are what you eat." For vibrant and healthy growth, plants require a good diet. We offer a number of programs manufactured by world leading hydroponic and plant food specialists.

To keep things simple those with less gardening experience we recommend sticking to one manufacturer and their instructions, and maybe with experience gardeners develop your own unique formula for success!

Specialist Products

A selection of specialist products that don't fall under the other brands in this Section but have a very good reputation with growers.

Dutch Pro

Dutchpro is one of the pioneers (“old school of Amsterdam”) and still the sole company & supplier from nutrients founded and based in Amsterdam. More than 30 years ago they started to develop our first nutrients.

Fox Farm

As a nationally recognized family-owned company, They are dedicated to producing the finest quality garden products available anywhere. Because organic ingredients play such a large role their company, all formulas are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control.

CX Hydroponics

“Fusion Nutrition is a revolutionary system of products for crop growing that truly combine together effortlessly … a ground-breaking method in hydroponic cropping that takes plant nutrition way beyond what was previously possible.”

Field Marshal

Field Marshal premium grade mineral nutrients are made to the highest quality to give you the very best growing experience from seed to table. Made in the UK for UK regional water conditions, available in formulas for soil, coco fibre and hydroponics.

Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients products have been favorably reviewed and featured in the world’s leading hydroponics magazines. Demand for Advanced Nutrients products is increasing day by day all over the world.


The proof that the bat guano from Guanokalong is ultimately organic is that the bats choose their own food themselves. The organic guano fertilizer is produced with the aid of natural ingredients from the droppings of bats. This guano has been piling up for hundreds of years in caves and over time was changed in to compost.


Since 1992, when the company was founded, Biobizz® has made a positive contribution with its commitment to ecological awareness. They produce soil, natural nutrients, fertilizers, stimulants, and additive mixtures for plants.


The finest quality ingredients and award winning results. Atami nutrients are trusted by growers across the globe.

Plant Magic Plus

Plant Magic Plus products are designed to naturally enhance the growth, development and overall health of our planets most important forms of life………Plants.


CANNA has been awarded first prize for its revolutionary plant products at numerous expo's in Holland for hydroponic and soil growers.
Dutch experts and internationally recognised world wide leader in intelligent plant technologies for cultivating your favourite plants in cocoponics, hydroponics and soil."


General Hydroponics was founded in the mid 70's near San Francisco, California, by a group of scientists, researchers and technicians. Today, GHE is recognised by the international scientific community for its reliability, the quality of its products and its sense of innovation.


VitaLink is the UK’s own professional plant nutrition, additive and growing media range. All of our products have been developed with highly qualified plant scientists in conjunction with a leading UK university and are scientifically proven to give healthy growth and maximum yield.

Growth Technology

Our London grow shop stocks the full range of Growth Technology soil nutrients, coco nutrients, hydroponic nutrients and additives.

Growth Technology was founded by a group of scientists and hydroponic growers to develop cutting edge products based on their commercial growing experience.


High quality nutrients and additives from the soil specialists! Plagron offer a range of liquids for the organic grower and, with the introduction of the Terra and Coco Concepts. Have extended their range to cater for growers looking for improved yield on both soil and coco.

General Organics

General Organics provides gardeners with
a complete line of superior plant foods
and supplements for soil, also adapted to


Hesi -where passion and professionalism are combined. Hesi has proved in a short period of time that it optimally satisfies the plants' as well as the plant lover's needs. In the meantime Hesi has grown into a blossoming international company and is still expanding.

Online Catalogue |  Nutrients & Additives