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Soil and peat based soils are the most popular growing medium for the home gardener. Easy to use and adaptable for all plants and situations.

Our London grow shop stocks Biobizz soil and Canna soil. The range includes perlite blended soils, which increases aeration in the root zone. You'll even find growbags you can just lay on the ground, cut holes for planting and drainage and start growing within minutes.

Coco Fibre

An innocent novice could be forgiven for mistaking coco fibre for soil! It is however an excellent hydroponic medium, and an alternative media to soil, for growing in pots. Coco fibre, made from the refined husk of coconut, is very airy for an ample supply of oxygen to your plants and, whilst organic in origin, is supplied free of germs and disease in 50l bags. We stock products from the main brands including Canna Coco and Jiffy Coco Plugs and Coco Fibre Blocks.

Horticultural testing and experience has often reported a 6-10% increase on yield when using coco fibre compared to other mediums and with the use of less nutrient.

Clay Pebbles

Clay pebbles are pH neutral, reuseable and structured like honeycomb - the porosity and surface area gives it ideal water retention qualities for growing.

Our London grow shop stocks 4-8mm clay pebbles and 8-16mm clay pebbles.


Rockwool products are made from natural basalt rocks and chalk.

Ideal for all sorts of plants - for example tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, flowers and orchids - in indoor, outdoor and glasshouse environments.

We stock Groadn rockwool cubes and slabs of all sizes.


Perlite is a well respected media across many horticultural and gardening groups. Perlite is perhaps the oldest recognised soil free medium. Its made by 'puffing' glass pellets. Nearly as light as air it has excellent air retention. For this reason it's well used in both soil and soil free growing media.


Vermiculite is an excellent medium, particularly useful in propagation, often mixed with perlite and other loose growing media. Vermiculite is not typically used as a medium in isolation, it is often added to potting mixes to increase water retention.

Orchid Mix

Orchix Mix is a carefully chosen mixture of ingredients ensures best possible conditions for a wide range of species.

Propagation Media

Propagation, the first stage in the life cycle of a plant. We offer a range of premium quality propagating media specifically designed & offered for the purpose, including hydroponic growing media, soil, peat, coco & more. Take a look.

Anything you might want to grow your seeds in found here.

Online Catalogue |  Soil & Growing Media