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There are three major considerations when thinking of providing optimal lighting for your plants:
1) Intensity - lamp power & reflective efficiency
2) Colour - blue & red light for stages of growth
3) Duration - timers & relays for day length

Everything you need for controlling these 3 factors can be found in this section.
LED Lighting

These are a compact 138 watt high intensity grow lamp, suitable for most applications.

HID Lighting

HID stands for 'High Intensity Discharge'. Haveing an HID grow light is like having your own sun & is an efficient way of producing plant light for maximum yields.

Our complete kits include a Sodium grow light - also known as High Pressure Sodium (HPS) - which mimic Autumnal light produced when the sun is lower in the sky, triggering reproduction in plants in the form of flowers & fruits.

All our power packs (ballasts) can be used with either a Sodium or Metal Halide grow light (used for vegetative growth). We strongly recommend using a relay protected timer with your HID grow light.

Also find all the reflectors, single lamps and relays you need for your HID lighting system in here.

Fluorescent Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lights (CFLs) are excellent for seedlings and cuttings and very energy efficient. The 125W, 200W and 250W blue CFL lamps are our most popular lamps for propagation and vegetative growth. Over recent years the use of Red 125W, 200W and 250W CFL flowering lamps has also increased significantly.

Also find the ever reliable 55W propagation lights in here, perfect in small spaces.

T5s are the new generation in propagation lighting providing crisp light for smaller plants.

Also find everything you need to go along with your flourescent lighting within this section.

Light Movers

Makes effective use of your grow lights
Saves energy and costs

Useful Extras

A varied bunch of useful bits and pieces. Click through the products and all their respective options.

Online Catalogue |  Lighting