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VitaLink Grow Charts

VitaLink Plant Start Grow Schedule.

VitaLink Max Grow Schedule.

VitaLink Coir Grow Schedule.

VitaLink Earth Grow Schedule

VitaLink Max A/B Hard Water Grow and Bloom

A two-part hydroponic nutrient, VitaLink Max is a firm favourite with growers all over the UK. It has a strong reputation for delivering reliable and consistent plant results.

VitaLink Coir Grow and Bloom

VitaLink Coir is an advanced, yet easy-to-use coco coir formulation that is scientifically proven to deliver excellent plant results.

VitaLink Earth

VitaLink Earth is a one-part soil nutrient that is scientifically proven to give the fast growth and large yield of a mineral nutrient, with the ease of growing in soil.

VitaLink BioPLus

VitaLink BioPlus is a highly effective vitamin-based root initiator and stress reliever, that will give you large, healthy plants.

VitaLink BioPac

VitaLink BioPac is a natural bio-stimulant packed full of beneficial microbes to give you an overall higher crop quality.

VitaLink Buddy

VitaLink Buddy is a highly concentrated flowering booster that gives you a healthy and heavy yield.

VitaLink Fulvic

VitaLink Fulvic is a pure fulvic acid product that transports nutrients to boost and maximise plant results.

Online Catalogue | Nutrients & Additives |  VitaLink