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Pumps and Heaters

Water pumps are used to move water in water-living systems, including irrigation systems, nutrient reservoirs and fish tanks.

Pumps are typically rated by the VOLUME of water they can pump (litres per hour) but also by the VERTICAL HEIGHT they are capable of pumping to (in metres).

Remember as the height - or lift - you require increases the actual flow rate - or litres per hour pumped - decreases.

Wilma Systems

Wilma Drip systems have a fantastic reputation, one of best selling products ranges.

We sell Wilma 4, Wilma 8, Wilma 10, Wilma 16 and Wilma 20 systems.

NFT Nutriculture

NFT stands for 'Nutrient Film Technique'. Every experienced hydroponics gardener has to try this method at some point in time - like Marmite, love it or hate it!

Put simply NFT hydroponics involves a tray positioned at a slight angle (typically 3-5 degrees), down which a thin film of water, enriched with a complete hydroponic nutrient, runs down. With NFT plants are rooted in either Rockwool (3" or 4" cubes) or Pebbles (within a net pot) are placed on the tray from which they flourish.

General Hydroponics

The GHE Aquafarm and GHE Waterfarm are.......... Both systems and all accessories found here.

DWC Bubble Buckets

'DWC' stands for Deep Water Culture, a technique sometimes referred to as Bubble Bucket or Oxypot.

A cheap & simple hydroponics system to set up & operate. In simple terms an air pump is used to create bubbles & aerate a lidded bucket/container part filled with water (& added plant nutrients). The plant is typically potted into a net pot inserted into the systems lid.


Our London shop stocks a comprehensive range of propagators from leading manufacturers. All come complete with vented humidity domes in a variety of sizes & options... either unheated, heated or with variable heat control.

Aeroponics systems provide an automatic watering solution making life easy & give astonishingly fast rooting! Aeroponic propagators are in this section.

Grow Beds and Containers

For those who have poor quality soil at home or just wish to use raised grow beds in your garden. Our London shop sells a range of attractive, yet practical raised grow bed solutions to begin your vege garden.

Online Catalogue |  Pots, Trays & Systems