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Light Movers (Single Light)

An easy way to automate a light across planrs.

Pro Light Movers.


The basic motor unit for all system models is identical.

It can be ordered with the following time delay options.

1. No time delay
2. Variable delay period - adjustable from 0.5 - 60 seconds.
The motor traction speed has been set at the optimal level for excellent growth which is approximately 140 seconds per metre.

The time delay option allows the light mover to pause at each end of the track for a desired
length of time. This allows the plants at the ends of the garden time to absorb an even amount of light as the centre part of the garden, resulting in an even growth profile. Without the time pause at each end you may find that the centre growth becomes taller than the ends.

Online Catalogue | Lighting |  Light Movers