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Formulex is a great nutrient for seedlings, cuttings and young plants.

Easy to use one part formula. Carefully formulated to nurture in this vital stage of development.


Growth Technology's easy to use one part nutrient. Simple: one bottle called 'Ionic Grow' and one called 'Ionic Bloom'.

Ionic contains all the same essential ingredients that constitute a more typical AB two part nutrient but are diluted down to a point that they happily sit together in solution. For small gardens, or when needing to make just a small volume of nutrient solutions using a one part nutrient is easier and allows for larger margins of human error.

Orchid Focus

Orchids have very specific nutritional requirements and, although it is true that they can survive on very low levels of nutrition, they will only reach their full magnificence if properly fed. Just ask a professional grower or a consistent winner at orchid shows.

Orchid Focus Grow and Orchid Focus Bloom are available in one-part formulations.

Chilli Focus

Chilli Focus has been formulated for the specific nutrional requirements of chillies & peppers - wicked results!

One part formula, to be used throughout vegetative and flowering periods.


Nitrozyme is 100% organic, containing numerous natural growth enhancers - and as the name hints is nitrogen and enzyme rich. Can be used in all growing systems and as a foliar spray.

Excellent results are achieved when used modestly as a foliar spray on cuttings & 'greening up' mother plants in the weeks running up to taking cuttings!

Liquid Silicon

Liquid Silicon strengthens plant cells, and in turn stems, to produce strong, disease resistant plants - perfect for supporting heavy flowers and fruit sets.

Silicon is found in virtually all natural soils. Liquid Silicon is an easy way to compliment your hydroponic nutrient with this beneficial plant nutrient not present in soil-free mediums.

Online Catalogue | Nutrients & Additives |  Growth Technology