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Field Marshal Grow Charts

Field Marshal Grow Charts

‘How to use’ feed charts are offered to help gardeners growing with Field Marshal to get the best results. There are different charts to advise on which products to use in combination, when and in what amounts whether growing hydroponically, in soil or in coco. Click here to view.
Green Start

Rapidly grow early roots.

Green Start provides the ideal balance of nutrients required by seedlings and cuttings. It also contains fulvic acids that help increase nutrient absorption rates and boost your plants' natural barriers to harmful fungi and mildew.

Vege Grow Pro*

Nurture leaf & stem.

Vege Grow Pro* is a premium grade A&B nutrient developed
for the vegetative stage of growth. It will help your plants develop abundant lush vegetative growth and set the basis for big flower and fruit harvests.

Fruit Bloom Pro*

Develop flower & fruit.

Fruit Bloom Pro* is a premium grade A&B nutrient developed
for the flowering period. Feeding your plants a balance of essential minerals optimised for the requirements of flowering
means higher yields.

FM Soil Series

Easy to use 1-part Grow and 1-part Bloom nutrient developed for fast growing plants cultivated in pots and containers in all soil and soil based potting mixes.

Clean Cut

Prepare to harvest.

Clean Cut is a solution for flushing out excess nutrients e.g. nitrates and heavy metals that naturally build up from feeding. Clean Cut removes this build up, improving taste resulting in the best quality garden crops.

GO 12/12

Flower accelerator.

GO 12/12 flower accelerator provides optimum levels of phosphorus & potassium to rapidly transform vegetative plants to full flower drive and early bud development. Get a head start to an early bloom harvest with visible results within days. Minimise flowering time and maximise yield.

Bliss Bud

Improve aroma & quality.

Bliss Bud is a crop boosting blend of natural aquatic & plant extracts, trace minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates. Providing extra energy for metabolism and photosynthetic sugar production increases flowering tissue synthesis for a sweeter result. Bliss Bud enhances aroma and quality to add satisfaction and value.

Critical Mass

Add extra weight.

Critical Mass is an advanced PK additive for mid to late flowering. The most enjoyable moment a grower has is cropping early supersized harvests. Critical Mass is formulated for that magic moment giving growers a mid cycle PK stimulator to increase physical size and a late bloom PK ripen to force maturation, essential oil production and add final weight.

Cell Charge

Support extra weight.

Cell Charge is a silicic acid additive for bushier, dark green veg growth. It also strengthens cell structure required to support supersized yields. Cell Charge dramatically reduces problems from toxicity, environmental fluctuations and pest & disease attack.

Mist Galore

Bigger healthier leaves.

Mist Galore is a revitalising foliar application adding vigour and boosting
leaf growth. Energising bio-mechanisms in the leaf structure produces consistently healthier, stronger plants.

Mister Bond

Spread the juice.

Mister Bond is a wetting agent used to increase the effectiveness of, and decrease the residue from, foliar sprays - for example, feeds, insecticides.

Root Mash

Bigger healthier roots.

Root Mash contains the beneficial fungus Trichoderma. Root Mash fungus live on the roots increasing plant nutrient uptake and use harmful pathogens in the medium as a food source to multiply. That means less pathogen related issues, a healthier root zone, faster growth and ultimately bigger plants.


Organic excellence.

Connoisseur is a refined bat guano and worm casting blend for soil and coco. Bring nature home and provide your plants with enriching organic nutrients and natural enzymes that break down dead roots. This reduces sources of disease and helps maintain a balanced root system.

Grower's Pack

Containing a selection of Field Marshal Nutrients and Additives, the Grower's Pack offers an easy all in one solution.

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