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ReSolution: a museum hosted event to raise awareness of sustainable solutions to modern living. Growing Life was a key sponsor & contributor to ReSolution, alongside Kinetica Museum, the Sustainable Development Foundation, Centre for Alternative Technology & BASH Creations. The event included home growing systems, re-cycled & recycling innovations, carbon doctor health checks, electric cars, organic bar, art installations dealing with the impact of man on the planet, a fashion show with full catwalk presenting some great designers in the world of ethical fashion....and plenty of live performances from folk to hip-hop to poetry and drum&bass.
Hydroponics Grow Shop with Grow Tents and more available in

Hackney, Islington, North East London and surrounding areas

You’ll be amazed at what you can grow using Growing Life’s hydroponic grow shops unique range of gardening kits, grow kits, tools & accessories for the environmentally conscious urban gardener. What’s more our range of indoor & outdoor garden products bring growing to life in a way that allows you to grow any plant, anytime, anywhere. Our aim is to make growing fun, easy & rewarding to enjoy living a greener, healthier life for yourself, family & our wider community.

Where to grow?

We have products to help you grow indoors and outdoors. You don’t need a garden. All you need is a small space or window sill. We have provided all the products customers need to grow on their balconies, terraces, rooftops and window boxes. We also provide solutions for growing anywhere indoors from conservatories and greenhouses to offices, kitchens and lofts. If your indoor gardens require grow tents, plant lighting, air conditioning or heating systems we have the products to help.

What to grow?

Visit our seeds section for a wide variety of chillies,herbs, lettuces, salad accompaniments and vegetables. If you love cooking and the flavours you get from fresh herbs, why not start your own herb garden on your kitchen windowsill. It's as simple as getting a windowsill tray, pots to fit, quality soil and your choice of herb seeds, whether they be basil, coriander and any number of gourmet lettuce, its all here.

How to grow?

We offer a full range of growing media to suit every type of gardener. From grow bags to quality composts, natural propagation blocks to clay pebbles and rockwool slabs. Our quality composts come with 30% perlite to increase drainage and enable a healthy, productive root zone. Used in pots or hanging baskets they are perfect for anything from herbs to tomato vines and fruit trees.

For the more experienced or adventurous gardener we have recirculation and NFT systems, and can advise on manual watered hydroponic systems utilising coco fibre and rockwool. The advantage hydroponics growing media have over soil is the amount of air they hold in the root zone when fully saturated. Plants take up food and water more efficiently when they have sufficient oxygen within the medium. Coco fibre, clay pebbles, rockwool and perlite all hold more air in their structure than soil when they are soaked. The extra oxygen also helps to minimise the risk of root disease and pest attacks.

If you're looking to recharge your garden beds and be able to do it regularly without having to go out and buy soil, our range of home composting solutions suit most customers needs. Wormeries are great in any size garden and can help to get the whole family involved in the backyard. Watching your food scraps be turned into compost and rich liquid plant food, to again reap fresh, tasty vegetables is a great experience for kids. If you don't have the space or the time for a live wormery and you still want to compost at home, Bokashi bins are your answer. Simple to use and taking up minimal space in your kitchen, they also provide both compost and a liquid plant food for your garden. They are so easy to use it takes no more time than throwing your scraps in the bin.

Tired of the cold and unpredictable weather delaying your outdoor vegetable patch. Why not bring your propagation stage indoors. We have endless solutions for starting off your outdoor gardens inside, earlier than you would normally be able to. From small grow tents, propagators, cubes for seedlings and cuttings and a range of plant lighting and control gear to give your plants the best possible start in your own custom greenhouse.
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